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Dear Meghan McCain

Dear Meghan McCain,


Looking forward to the return of The View I popped open a bottle of Corona Light, dug into a fresh bag of pita chips and while spaghetti sauce was simmering on the stove turned on my computer, clicked on Hulu and got comfortable at the kitchen table.


You all looked good. Rested. Ready to tackle issues both fun and serious. I was eager to hear you each weigh in on the recent mass shootings. I have lost track of how many people have died in the last few weeks, but no matter the number, it is unacceptable.


I really believed, Meghan, that your position on guns may have shifted ever so slightly. You are an intelligent woman and I was sure you had had a come to Jesus meeting with yourself. So, imagine my surprise when you sat at the end of the table and stated how much fun you had during your break from the show. Fun shooting guns. You knew, dear Meghan, that the audience, both in the studio and home, would have feelings about that. But you stood your ground, rolled your eyes, and stated that despite the fact that more shootings are happening every week, no one was going to take your guns away.


Meghan, you were snitty. You dug your high heels in like a stubborn, privileged, child. So, dear child, don't you think we have come to a point in this country where guns, especially the really fun big ones you enjoy playing with as if they were nothing but toys, should be put away with other childish things? Can't you find any other hobby you might enjoy?


I kept watching as you continued to defend your right to shoot things and I thought about other "rights" and "privileges" folks used to enjoy until they saw the light.

We used to pack up the old Chevy and speed down the highway without seat belts. We drank while pregnant. We smoked cigarettes and didn't give a fig.


But as time went by, when we knew better, we at least tried to do better.

You are a brave woman, Meghan. You sit at that table and say what you think and damn the consequences. But, let me ask you this question.


If the studio audience had been filled with the family members of those slaughtered by senseless shootings, the parents of murdered children, the children who have lost parents, the siblings who will never see their family members again, would you have stood your ground on the gun issue? Would you have been able to look out at those broken hearted people and rolled your eyes and stated emphatically that you were never going to give up your guns? That you just have too much fun blasting things to bits?


Well, Meghan, I would put money on the fact that there were family members of victims watching you this past Tuesday. Perhaps not in the studio, but at home, sitting on their sofa, or at their desk or kitchen table.


Picture them, Meghan. Imagine what they thought. What they felt.


What would you say to them? Seriously, what in the world would you say to justify your behavior?







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