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Dear Mitch McConnell, Wayne Lapierre, Donald Trump

Dear Mitch, Wayne and Donald,


Did you see all of the pictures of smiling folks on the front page of the New York Times this morning? Usually I go to the wedding section of the Sunday edition of the Times to see happy faces but today's paper was special. Not only were there dozens of relatively unknown faces on the front page but more were included on page 14. 


Oh please, I know that to you "gentlemen" having your pic in the paper is no big deal. Not an unusual occurance. But these folks I believe would be surprised to know that they had made the front page of such a well-regarded news source. 


I say, "would" because they won't actually ever know of their fame. Because they are all dead. Because of guns. 


Not, as you would like to insist, due to "mental illness". A person suffering from "mental illness" can't shoot anyone without, wait for it, a GUN. 


There have been so many innocent citizens killed in mass shootings this past summer, 126 at last count, that it was impossible to put all of their pictures on the front page. 


Wayne, how do you feel when you read that one of the victims was a three-year-old little girl?


Mitch, what do you say to your neighbors when they feel the need to purchase bullet proof backpacks for their elementary school children? 


Donald, do your own flock of grandchildren have trouble sleeping at night? Worrying about being killed by a shooter while sitting in a classroom? 


Guys, what do you say to comfort them? And speaking of sleep how in the hell do any of you catch 40 winks? 


Oh, I know you are all very busy what with destroying the country, dividing us up according to our relationships with firearms and doing your very best to make sure that anyone who wants a gun may get one. But perhaps you could take some time out. It must be exhausting fighting the fight. Always having to defend and explain your position which is actually indefenceable at this point. Again, the photos.


Perhaps you could carve some time out for yourselves to simply sit and contemplate your actions, or as some see it, inactions. 


Perhaps you could try attending the funerals of all of those friendly looking people smiling at the camera. 


I would recommend sitting in the back row, however. Better to see, actually witness the tsunami of grief filling the space around. The heartbreak. The anger. 


What would you say to the mourners as they filed out of the church, temple, mosque, school auditorium?


Try to imagine what words would be appropriate. Try to imagine what the friends and families would want to hear from you. 


As far as I know none of you have attended any of these sad, sad, events. You all just leave it to us to deal with your selfish stupidity. You throw up your hands and blame the second amendment. 


I don't buy it. Most of us have had quite enough. 


Our children and grandchildren now have "shooter drills" at school.  


Many folks now are afraid to attend large public events. 


Summer is supposed to be a time for sun and family vacations and relaxing at the beach. But this past summer there were 26 mass shootings between Memorial day and Labor Day. To say nothing of the shootings which happened on a much smaller scale. Still more dead people.

Donald, when you promised to be the job creator, did you mean careers in the funeral industry? Because that does seem to be booming.


Mitch, Wayne, Donald, what do you say to the parents of the three-year-old who was murdered?


Myself, I am speechless at your cowardness. Your greed. 


And while I have trouble sleeping these days, I am also royally pissed because I believe each of you sleep like babies. Or like a three-year-old just tucked in by their mother.


You disgust me. And I vote.



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