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No News Day, thanks to Jory Post

No News Day, thanks to Jory Post


There are times when the swirl of news becomes too loud, too aggressive, too ugly to listen to. A break needs to be taken. But even in attempting to take a respite the sound still rings in my ears. Close the doors and widows and still, I can imagine what is being said. Unless you can find yourself a voice loud enough to drown it all out.


This morning I found that voice. It belongs to the writer Jory Post. His newly published book of prose/poetry, "The Extra Year" quieted the cacophony of sounds, news bites, pundits and politicians yammering in my head.


Reading it has been an exquisitely beautiful, heartbreaking experience. I highly recommend it.


Jory has been a writer for over 40 years. He has been a teacher, an editor and a treasured friend of the Santa Cruz writing community. And, he is living on borrowed time.


Diagnosed with cancer and given little hope he has been using his limited energy writing. The result of this focus and determination is a collection of poetry which will be read and reread for years to come. Do not be fooled by the size of the collection. At 85 pages it is compact enough to fit in a purse or backpack, to reside in the glove box of your car so has to be available for reading any place, any time. This afternoon I took my copy down to the beach and while the overcast sky blocked the sun, I was warmed by Jory's words.


I had almost forgotten what it feels like to simply sit at peace. Jory's poetry took me to that place of quiet contemplation. He has honed in on what matters in life. He has developed a laser focus. He is ferocious in his desire to share with the reader the beauty of everyday life made up of what may seem like ordinary things. His wife, his dear friends and colleagues, music, birds, love, fires in the fireplace and writing. His limited time on earth only serves to give even more weight to everything he feels, says, and does. And he is funny.


Oh it is a beautiful collection.


Oh, Jory, you gave me such a gift today.


Peace and a deeper appreciation for life.

"The Extra Year" by Jory Post published by Anaphora Literary Press.





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