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Dear League of the South

Dear Members of the League of the South,


OMG, you must be exhausted. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to wake up every blessed day and believe you must go out into the world and proclaim your superiority. I mean, the rallies, the speech making, the racial slurs, all of it. Do you really think it is an act of bravery to gather at the memorial for Emmet Till and attempt to spread your hatred on film, only to run like frightened rabbits when the security alarm sounded?


(I realize you can't hear me but I am chuckling. Oh, such big brave men!)


I don't mean to just single out your group, actually you are really just a drop in the bucket. No offense, but you are such small potatoes when it comes to hate groups and truth deniers. I hope you can deal with that fact. There are many groups of racist folks out there who believe the same ignorant nonsense as you do. And some of them even have spiffy uniforms! Hoods even!


How do you keep up the strength to continue to spew such bull?


Oh, I realize you feel strongly supported by Donald Trump and that most likely gives you a sense of purpose, but what is your end game? Do you invasion a country made up of a sea of white? Because that is not going to happen. Do you think Trump will be in power forever? Think again.


Do you dream of people of color ONLY existing to serve you? Moving silently in your kitchens preparing your food, cleaning your bathrooms and bathing your children and then quietly slipping out the back door and home to their small houses on the "other side" of town?


Ain't gonna happen.


How about if you take a break. Put your feet up. Sip on some sweet tea while reading a good book. Nonfiction. Perhaps one about slavery and how Harriet Tubman helped save so many folks you would have dismissed as not worthy. Or pick up a book by Henry Louis Gates Jr. A brilliant scholar and writer who is black and could teach you all about what it is to be human in this world.


Come on, it's over. Accept the fact that your color does not make you superior. Y'all are looking pretty dimwitted at this point in time.







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