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Dear Mr. Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,


You will notice I am not addressing you by the title you somehow "won". You do not deserve to be in the same company of our past presidents. Even the lying crook Nixon knew when the jig was up. The party over. Oh, he never came clean but at least he vacated the premisses.


You do not deserve to live in The People's House. You are a nasty, sniveling, lying piece of Chicken crap. Chicken with a capital C.


No offence to poultry.


Oh, what a mighty leader you think you are. I have to say, however, you constantly surprise me. I think to myself, well that's as low as he could possibly go, and then bingo, you go even lower.


This morning as I watched Marie Yovanovitch, the former American ambassador to Ukraine testify with dignity and professionalism, answering questions from both sides of the aisle, you, oh mighty leader, took to Twitter. Slamming Ms. Yovanovitch from the safety of the White House.


Chicken Shit are you.


You remind me of a school yard bully who throws insults, but from behind a fence where you hide and cower.

If, Mr. Trump, you want to be heard by The People, why not accept the invitation to be heard at the hearings? If you have done nothing and all is as you claim, "perfect" pull up a chair and explain yourself.


If you aren't willing to do that then put down your phone and shut the hell up.


Seriously, why not think about it. Imagine the hubbub you would create! Imagine the attention you would receive!


Imagine the RATINGS!!


You could brag about the crowd size, the numbers of folks who tuned in, how you beat Bill Clinton when it came to this" must see" television event.


It would be something to look back on with fondness while sitting in your cell.


In all sincerity,



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