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Iron Man

A ten minute play

Reading Lips: A Memoir of Kisses

Kisses, even the ones that don't happen, can be the trace of what's constant when life changes. In childhood, when what seems to define everything is competition—for style, for knowing, for experience—a kiss is the first first. When a girl's father moves out and chooses a new family, a kiss on the head from him may be the trace of constancy that she wants most.


Later, such things take on a different flavor. Sometimes the kiss she wants doesn't come.  Sometimes the one she wouldn't have is forced upon her. From time to time, the one she has


kissed before is lost to her.


Some kisses are final. When things are most hectic a kiss can be a celebration. And when circumstances grow threatening—to a woman, her family, her sister—a kiss becomes the reassertion of the most vital connections.


The rich story in these essays rings with good humor and with moving wistfulness. Throughout, Sternbach maintains a perfect balance between them as her story moves from the bittersweet desires of childhood on through loss and love.



Claudia Sternbach is also the author of "Now Breathe", Whiteaker Press


A riveting account of life, love, sex, and humor after a cancer diagnosis.After finding a lump in her breast, having it removed, and then recieving the dreaded phone call, Claudia Sternbach found that life does go on.While balancing treatment with car pools, Sternbach allows us into her homeand makes us part of her family. At no time does she try to convince us that cancer is a "gift." But in this very personal journal she dicovers that the gift is a life fully lived. Anyone who has faced challenges, health or otherwise, will benefit from reading this journal. anyone who has tried to give support to a friend or family member in crisis will learn from this honestly written story of a woman whose life takes a sudden and unexpected turn. Even those simply looking for a "good read" will get caught up in Sternbach's story.